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The Law Office of Spojmie Nasiri offers the best Immigration Lawyer Fremont has to offer. We have a lot of experience securing residency permits and green cards for the family members of multinational companies as well as extensive experience in obtaining L1/H1 visas. Immigration can often be a bureaucratic maze that is hard to navigate without the proper tools. Our highly trained attorneys have the tools to help guide you in a professional and educated manner. Our training is only one part of the services we offer. We are also highly rated and connected with several groups that cater to the immigrant population nation wide

The Law Office of Spojmie Nasiri

is a member in good standing with the following organizations:

•  State Bar of California

•  American Immigration Lawyers Association

•  Alameda County Bar Association

•  East Alameda County Bar Association

•  Contra Costa County Bar Association

•  South Asian Bar Association

•  Afghan American Bar Association Membership Committee

Working with a licensed attorney is very important when dealing with immigration, the scams on the immigration market are rampant and not only will you loose money, but your case can be negatively affected if you happen to become a victim. Always assure that the lawyer you are handing your case over to is part of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. You can always check their website to confirm that they are in god standing with the bar and allowed to practice law.

While many lawyers offer online or over the phone consultations, assure that you can meet them in their actual brick and mortar office. The Law Office of Spojmie Nasiri is conveniently located in the heart of California and we welcome visits from our clients. Our certification is proudly displayed on our walls for your perusal.

While any licensed lawyer can represent you in your immigration case, it is important to have one who specifically deals with immigration law. There is never a complete guarantee of success in any filing; however, using a reputable, established and knowledgeable immigration lawyer will drastically increase your chances of a positive outcome.

We aim to help individuals attain the all American dream as well as assisting employers with acquiring the best international talent available for their companies. Please keep in mind that information you find on our site is intended to serve as a guide, not replace a legal consultation. Contact us directly to set up an appointment. We welcome that chance to review your case and offer you a tailored solution to your immigration issues. When contacting us, please refrain from providing confidential information until such time as a attorney-client relationship has been established.

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